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Mon Nov 12 19:01:23 EST 2007

Stan's comments below about his noted errors between
LORAN & GPS that range from E10 to E13 each day remind me
of the similar errors that I have observed.

I had originally attributed them to ground-wave vs. sky-wave
propagation on the LORAN side. But I know that the LORAN
system encoding is intended to be resistant to such propagation

I have not made the effort to fully quantify my particular
measurements. But I do routinely observe my Austron 2100F
showing an almost diurnal change in displayed error when
using it as the measurement system against an HP-5061 or Z3801A.

Can someone confirm that the E10 to E13 errors are typical
of the 2100F? And what ultimate long-term stability have others
been able to achieve using LORAN as a reference?

Thanks in advance,
-Brian, WA1ZMS

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I have gotten a 4 parts in E13 comparison between the LORAN-C and the
GPS disciplined oscillator,
at least for a short time, multiple times a day.
Most readings are between E10 an E13 comparing the GPS DO and the
Loran-C RX.
probably bouncing due to the propagation paths and propagation

Stan, W1LE   FN41sr  Cape Cod

nnovotney at cinci.rr.com wrote:

>My different types of equipment (scope, freq cntr, spec analyzer, etc)
never seem to be right on the money, so I decided to run them all off a
commnon exact 10MHz rubidium source.
>I got an FE-5680A  (was on a chopped off ckt board-whcih is apparently part
of some motorola system pcb)..I hooked pin 1 to +15V & pins 2 to gns ...but
nothing came out any of the other pins?!??  Where is the output?  Do I need
another cxonnection?  I read you might need to apply +5v, but  don't want to
try unless I know what I'm doing.  How do you determine what option your
unit has?  It looks like about 60 options are possible!!  By the way, with
my spec analyzer probe nearby I am sniffing the 6.834xx GHz signal-so the Rb
is in there doing its thing.
>As a second note, as I read around here, it seems (to my understanding)
that the Rb osc is not exact--that in fact it needs calibrated!!  Well, I
dont't want to cal it --I bought this "atomic clock"  to let me cal all of
my various xtal oscilators.  How on earth shall I cal this thing?  If I
don't cal, how far off is it?  Can i count on 9 digits of accuracy with "no
>thanks for your hints & direction....I think I'll enjoy this group & hope
to make some contibutions once I get going.
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