[time-nuts] GPS Jamming in the UK

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I was involved in deploying one of the early CDMA networks here. CDMA relies on GPS for it's timing and has a GPS unit at every site. I was told that sometimes they put in an offset or a warble(?) to confuse the civilian units. The manufacture of the GPS units had to go through several revisions to provide accurate time to the sites. I haven't heard about any problems in quite a while, but then again I've been working on those Global Standard Mess systems lately.

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I've not come across this before and when a friend first  fowarded the link 
from another group I thought it was a spoof, and  still only half convinced:-), 
but I've just copied this from the official  Ofcom Website in the UK...... 
"The Ministry of Defence conduct occasional tests on military  systems which 
may result in some loss of service to civilian users of the Global  
Positioning System (GPS) including in-car navigation devices and networks which  
rely on 
GPS signals. Ofcom seeks to provide citizens and consumers with  information 
about possible interruptions to these services via these email  updates giving 
advanced notification of these tests. It must be emphasised that  this 
notification process only warns of future jamming excercises that are  brought 
the notice of Ofcom and may not cover all jamming exercises. It  cannot be 
assumed that any loss of service is due to jamming exercises." 
There's an option to sign up for email notification..... 
Anyone come across this before or actually experienced any  identifiable 
jamming of signals? 
Nigel GM8PZR

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