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>> Hi Tom:
>> I've also seen the three antenna version on the asian discount web pages.
>> Do you know if any of them have test reports?
>> I question of the one that looks like a cigarette lighter with a 1" whip 
>> antenna can do much.
> 10 km radius have been measured with similar properties.
> Cheers,
> Magnus

It really doesn't take much!

One of my favorite GPS jamming incidents of public record is the one at
the link:


For another look at things, please see:


Bringing this back on the topic of time :)  The Fall 2007 issue of the
magazine "Inside GNSS" has an interesting article "Fuzzy Time -
GPS-Based Synchronizers in the Presence of Interference"  For a CW
signal, a GPS timing receiver's performance begins to degrade when the
interfering signal is at a level of -87 dBm.  With an FM interference
source, it starts to degrade at -106 dBm.  Well worth the read if you
can find this magazine.


Bruce Rahn

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