[time-nuts] Loran-C Receivers

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed Nov 14 23:09:32 EST 2007

> Hello The Net:
> Are there more modern Loran-C receivers than the Austron 2100 series ?
> Purpose is for frequency comparison to E13 or better and timing to UTC.
> Stan, W1LE   FN41sr   Cape Cod

There are also vintage Austron 2000 model(s).
But the 2100-series is a better buy if you can find them.

Modern Loran-C timing receivers can be found here (Locus):

and also here (Stanford Research):

For recent performance plots on the FS 700, see:

It's pretty much on par with a medium GPSDO. You can get
down to 1e-13 average performance in a few days. I think
better performance could be had with a Loran-C/Rb solution
(allowing much longer time constant) but all the receivers I've
tested so far are quartz.

Note that for many time & frequency applications, there are
a number of advantages of Loran-C over GPS, or better yet,
Loran-C plus GPS.


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