[time-nuts] Connector info for Trimble Thunderbolt GPSDO

Jeff Walker w3jw at rivnet.net
Thu Nov 22 12:11:42 EST 2007

I am looking for connector info (pin assignment and mating connector ID)
for a Trimble Thunderbolt receiver module. This is the OEM module
(probably telcom original customer) with just the receiver board contained
in the enclosure( no 24 volt DC-to-DC converter). Presumably the small
six (6) pin connector accepts +5, +12 and -12 volts DC. I need to know the
pin assignments of this connector and the ID of the mating connector, if 
The connector on the module is a "shrouded header" with a slot (in the 
for polarization. The mating connector will have to be a 6 pin, female 
configuration. The plastic housing would be approximately 3/32" wide by 0.6"
long. The size is similar to that for some of the connectors used for audio 
connections on many PC soundcards. The header pins are round and smaller
than the standard 0.025 square header posts. Any info would be greatly 
Jeff Walker   W3JW

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