[time-nuts] Collecting raw timing data

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Mon Nov 26 17:41:33 EST 2007


I have a practical step by step example using the HP 5370, a reference
oscillator (in  my case, a Thunderbolt GPSDO, but you could use the
counter's time base if you know it to be better than your UUT), a test
oscillator (in my case an HP 10811) and the free Plotter software from
Ulrich Bangert on mu web page:


Look for "Practical Example" near the bottom.

Didier KO4BB

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> This is mostly a question for tvb.
> How are you collecting raw timing timing data to calculate a 
> typical Allan deviation plot?  Something like:
>     http://www.leapsecond.com/museum/hp58503b/log19395v.gif
> I've been fiddling with my HP53132A to get the right 
> combination of settings to collect useful timing data for 
> making Allan deviation plots. 
>   Any information on your general workflow from collecting 
> the raw data to making a plot is appreciated.
> thanks,
> jeff

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