[time-nuts] fury lock light?

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>Under what criteria does the Fury turn  on its lock light? 
Hi CH,
good question, let me CC the time nuts on the answer.
We are at the PTTI, so sorry for the sluggish communication.
The Fury actually checks the temperature of the OCXO case. A lock LED  
requires that the OCXO has a minimum case temperature of 35 Deg C or higher. If  the 
temperature falls below this value, an Alarm condition is given.

The temperature in your plots is below 35C, so the unit does not give a  
"lock" indication.
This is an oversight on our end, sorry for the issue. We will fix this, and  
post a software update for this (rev 1.15 firmware).
That software update will also include a neat new feature: a "fail-safe"  
1PPS external input.
This gives the user the option to feed an external 1PPS signal (from  another 
GPSDO, or any other good-stability source), and the Fury will  automatically 
switch-over to the second 1PPS input if the GPS goes into holdover  for 
whatever reason. A manual selection via SCPI is also possible.
We also fixed a minor issue which could cause small glitches when going  into 
holdover mode, your plots seem to show these glitches from time to  time.
Hope this helps, and that everyone will like this new feature and the  fixes,

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