[time-nuts] More details on IEEE Spectrum clock competition

p.ross at ieee.org p.ross at ieee.org
Fri Nov 30 09:43:59 EST 2007

A number of people have asked for more details on IEEE Spectrum's digital 
clock competition, so we've formulated the following list. Throughout, the 
idea is to build a clock that an ordinary person would want to use, in an 
ordinary home. That's why we want a display that can be read with ease 
from across a room.

        Operating environment and other specs for IEEE Spectrum's Digital 
Clock Competition:
        --between 10 and 50 degrees C

        --between 0 and 100 percent relative humidity
        --with seven-segment LED display, no smaller than 0.56 inches
        --no limit on power
        --calibration should be within the grasp of a layman
        --lacking an oscilloscope here in the office, we will check 
accuracy against a WWVB or GPS signal (other suggestions--even volunteers 
to help in the judging--are welcome)
        --parts to be available from any of the big distributors 
(RadioShack, Mouser, DigiKey, Maplin, etc.) or, in sufficient quantities 
(100s, say) from a surplus store

Philip E. Ross
Senior editor
IEEE Spectrum Magazine
212 419 7562

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