[time-nuts] Symmetricom Schematics

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Aug 8 00:31:48 EDT 2008

> I have two of the TrueTime XL-AK GPS Receivers. Both came with manuals
> that did not include schematics.
> I thought I would ask Symmetricom (the now owners of TrueTime) if they
> would
> supply me with schematics. Foolish me ...
> They flat out refused to supply them with no explanation and no reply to
> any
> further e-Mail. We are not talking about Nuclear Weapon design here, only
> a
> GPS Receiver that is 15 (?) years old.
> Someone in their Corporate Office (so far unreachable) should re-think
> this
> position as it does not present them in very good light. (not to mention
> bad
> Marketing and poor press).

As a reference I have received assistance from HP/Agilent, Oscilloquartz
and Pendulum when "walking in the front door" through official channels.
For Symmetricom individual engineers have reached out.

Last experience was Oscilloquartz that happilly scanned relevant pages on
the old OSA 3210 manual to aid me in having the PSU repaired. Now that one
needs trimming to lock in again. I was also given a replacement thermos
for my 8600 within days, but that was maybe more of a friendly gesture,
but shows the attitude.

However, such friendly gestures make me feel comfortable with the company
and shapes my total experience with them. HP/Agilents backlog effort on
providing manuals and service manuals have been of great use and also a
great source of reference. Supporting the night time hobby projects can
aid in sales in the daytime activities.

But if only looking at next sale, the soft issues like these gets lost.


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