[time-nuts] HP 5371A problem

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Fri Aug 8 07:53:10 EDT 2008

On both of my 5370As, the only way to permanently fix socket problems of
that type was to replace all the sockets with gold plated, machined pin

On the 5370, that was easy because the boards have relatively large holes
compared to the socket pins, and there is no ground plane, so it was easy to
unsolder the pins with the good desoldering tool I have access to at work. 

Prior to that, I had removed all chips and sprayed the sockets with DeOxIt
Gold several times, but the problem always came back pretty quickly. I think
it was tin wiskers.


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> My 5372A  had the same problems.
> Error: Contact problems in IC sockets and jumpers Remove IC 
> and jumpers and put those back.
> This solved my problems
> Juerg
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