[time-nuts] Double-Oven Thunderbolt on Ebay

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Fri Aug 8 18:30:52 EDT 2008

I'm measuring my pair of eBay -60158s right now and will post some
results probably after the weekend.  I've never seen the -60268s.

One thing to note -- good phase noise and good ADEV don't necessarily go
together.  Case in point is the -60158s are spec'd at 1x10e-12 at 1
second, which is better than most of the 10811A variants, but the phase
noise isn't as good as other versions (like the -60258 you have).


John Miles said the following on 08/08/2008 06:23 PM:
> I don't have any of the 10811-60158s, but I did buy two of the 10811-60168s
> that were up for auction recently.  The -60168s seem to be really good
> performers (from memory, -106 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz, -139 at 10, -155 at 100, -164
> at 1000, when I measured them against each other.)  I have never seen any
> specs for them, or anything else about them.
> If someone wants to lend one of the -60158s to me, I'll benchmark it against
> one of the -60268s.
> Tom or JohnA, have either of you run any Allan plots on a 10811-60268?  I'd
> be curious to see how they do.

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