[time-nuts] New 10 MHz Distribution Amplifier

Martyn Smith martyn at ptsyst.com
Fri Aug 15 04:31:18 EDT 2008

I read with interest about the new 10 MHz distribution amplifier.

But I agree with everyone, it's the specs that are missing that are

But I wanted to take one comment up about AGC.

My company makes a nice distribution amplifier and we do have AGC.  The nice
thing here is that a +7 dBm input (e.g PRS10 output) will give you up to +13
dBm output.

Despite the AGC we still achieve good phase noise (-135 dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz with
a -168 dBc noise floor) together with 130 dB isolation and 10 ps/C phase

I suspect this low cost unit has a -140 or -150 dBc noise floor.

But our unit costs a lot more than this low cost design, so maybe I'm not
being fair in comparing.

www.ptsyst.com/DA1-100-10-B.pdf has all our specifications.

I could probably talk our sales manager in a once off big discount for time
nuts readers, but I suspect it would still be out of the range of amateurs.

Send me an email if you are interested (martyn at ptsyst.com)


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