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Rob Kimberley rk at timing-consultants.com
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CE testing/marking is a mine field. Not as simple a statement as self
certifying! You need to tie in the CE certification with declarations of
conformity (safety, EMC etc etc), all of which need testing. 

It's an expensive business.

Rob Kimberley

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Hello Martyn,
please keep in mind that CE marking is a self-certified mark. Not like the
FCC marking, that has to be "officially" tested and certified by a big lab.
I am  sure a lot of products from Asia just have a label affixed to them,
and never  underwent any real testing.
Also, most of the Jackson Labs products underwent CE testing  and
certification by several of our European resellers, and are so marked when
sold under their private label, so they are electrically CE compliant.
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martyn at ptsyst.com writes:

Sorry  you are wrong.

There is no exemtion for CE marking.  Nothing is  excempt.  All test
equipment, all electronic equipment, even  "toothpaste" must be CE marked.

There is no exemtion for personal  use.

You maybe are getting confused with RoHS where test equipment is  exempt.


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