[time-nuts] LPRO-101 internals

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Sat Aug 16 07:15:08 EDT 2008

I suggest not touching any of the adjustment points.
Check the rb light. If it gets too reddish, then probably the lamp gets too hot. There is a resistor in the heater circuitry that may be faulty. I'm away at the moment, and don't have my notes on hand, but the resistor is on the bottom side of the board and has a value of 61900 Ohm (6192).
Good luck.
Antonio I8IOV
> Recently one of my LPRO-101 rubidium oscillators start acting flakey.  First it started to not lock if it was powered up hot (like if switched off for a few seconds then switched back on).  Next it started dropping out of lock while running.  I replaced it with one of those $100 units from China (60 bucks if you by them by the bucket) which works just fine.
> So I decided to open up the flakey one and see if there was anything tweakable inside...  well there is another pot,  two variable caps,  three variable inductors,  and two select-to-test resistors.  Oh yeah,  not to mention 21 (yep, count 'em... 21) different two-pin jumper headers.  And an 8 pin header mounted so it is accessible from the outisde world.  And two other internal conenctor headers.
> Does anybody out there know what any of these goodies do?  Does anybody know what tweakage might bring the flakey unit back to life if it starts acting up again?  It saw that I was going to outsource its job to a cheap Chinese import and started working properly...
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