[time-nuts] Nixie - tube clock - 16 Digit Readout !

Morris Odell vilgotch at bigpond.net.au
Mon Aug 18 03:29:23 EDT 2008

A great clock and appropriately flanked by Jim Willams' classic book and an 
829B power tube!

Have you taken any precautions against cathode poisoning in the nixes that 
don't see a lot of change?

I have never had a problem in any of the clocks I've built but over at the 
Neonixie group they get quite excited about it.

Obligatory time nuts content: my latest clock is GPS controlled, and with an 
Oncore VP timing receiver too :-)


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> Ummm... I did not make it 2000-yr compliant... only 12 digits (yy mm dd
> hh mm ss) but GPS driven... http://www.hvsistemas.es/Imagenes/reloj.jpg

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