[time-nuts] LPRO-101 internals

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Tue Aug 19 06:43:15 EDT 2008

A good LPRO works both with cover on or off. 

> Q703 voltages look good (with cover off and unit working).
Lamp color seems good (slightly pinkish violet).  The room 
that I am in is lit by DC halogen lamps so not rippley light
to worry about.

If the power to the halogen lamp comes from battery, really 
no problem. If it comes from mains + transformer + rectifier 
it remains suspicious.

My last suggestion: check R705 (100K) and R732 (100K) on the
bottom of the PCB. R705 should read some 84K onboard, and 
R732 some 100K. The lettering around R732 is a bit ambiguous,
so look for a 100K resistor in that area.

Please let me know

Antonio I8IOV

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