[time-nuts] Restoring GR 1120-AB Frequency Standard - Need assist...

WB6BNQ wb6bnq at cox.net
Tue Aug 19 13:49:22 EDT 2008

   Hello Russ,

   Well, depending upon the size requirement of the thermal switch, I
   would consider trying to retro-fit.  One company that makes such things
   is TEMPCO [ [1]http://www.tempco.com ].  They have several different
   kinds and even one model that is adjustable.  There is a nice pictorial
   short-form PDF catalog that gives a clear picture of their temperature
   switches.  Here is the URL for that :
   [2]http://www.tempco.com/Intro2008small.pdf  See the 31st page.

   No doubt there are other manufacturers but this is the only one that
   comes to mind at the moment.  As for #1 or #2 questions, I would think
   of those as a last ditch effort.


   wa3frp at aol.com wrote:

     I am in the last stage of restoring a 1964 General Radio Frequency
     Standard Model 1120-AB.

     I'm having trouble getting the inner oven to work propoerly and the
     problem has been traced to a defective thermostat in the inner oven.
     In checking, the thermostat is a thermoswitch manufactured by Princo
     and is no longer available.

     My options appear to be:

     1. locate a working GR Standard Frequency Oscillator (1113-A) and
     replace the entire chassis.

     2. locate a non-working GR Frequency Oscillator and part it out as

     3. find a suitable replacement for the original thermoswitch (78 C -
     closes circuit when temperature is reached)

     I was wondering if anyone on this list has any sources or leads for
     and #2 and any opinions on a source for #3.

     Russ WA3FRP

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   1. http://www.tempco.com/
   2. http://www.tempco.com/Intro2008small.pdf
   3. https://www.febo.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/time-nuts

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