[time-nuts] Restoring GR 1120-AB Frequency Standard

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 19 19:17:07 EDT 2008

I suspect the only place you would find a replacement themoswitch is in another unit.  I also doubt that any current mechanical switch will be anywhere near stable and accurate enough.

I stand by my original comments:  Built a solid state functional replacement in the same form factor as the original unit.  It will be hidden inside the oven assembly where only you will know of the dastardly deed that you did.  If you ever find a replacement switch,  you can install it and bask in its originality.  Until then,  bask in its solid state patch enabled oscillatude.

A non-original part that restores a device to operating condition is far superior to a dead unit...  particularly if the part is not visible.  There are lots of zillion dollar antique cars winning best-of-show with modern internal engine components (not to mention bondo and fiberglass under the paint).

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