[time-nuts] FW: IIMorrow GPS units non-functional since Sunday

Mike Monett XDE-L2G3 at myamail.com
Wed Aug 20 03:39:37 EDT 2008

"Jim Palfreyman" <jim77742 at gmail.com> wrote:
>Don't tell me people still use miles? Nautical or otherwise?
>What's wrong with the good old kilometre?

Tradition. TWA and Pan American opened the long-range routes before WWII.
So all the worldwide aviation standards used whatever they were using.

In this age of computers, it probably makes little difference except for
the confusion it would cause in switching over. That means changing all the
documents and training, and the zillions of hidden details based on the old
standards. For example, here's happened when the Boeing 767 went all-metric:



Mike Monett

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