[time-nuts] Efratom LPRO Rubidium

Tom Bales tob at starhouse.org
Wed Aug 20 22:47:47 EDT 2008


I see from a posting of yours on time-nuts that you have the Lucent 
RFTGm-Rb and RFTGm-XO pair and the monitor program to go along with 
it.  I just recently got one of these setups, and it seems to be 
working (Rb says "online," XO says "standby,"  Do you have the Lucent 
monitoring software that looks at the RS-422 output?  I can see 
there's data there, and it decodes to gobbledygook rather than ASCII 
characters, so I suppose there's a magic decoder ring that's 
needed.  Sure would be nice to know what's going on inside.


Tom Bales

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