[time-nuts] Introduction and a couple of requests

Scott McGrath scmcgrath at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 20:56:49 EDT 2008


Name is Scott McGrath and I am a fellow time nut who in addition to
playing with precise timing also plays with clocks!.

My current collection of standards includes the following

HP 105B
HP 117A
HP 5061A
HP 5065A  ( dead physics package unfortunately )

Austron 2100F (sold to me as a T but no internal standard so I am assuming a F)
TrueTime DC-XL

My requests

Manual for the 5065A  prefix 1840A

I also need some replacement modules for a Tektronix 492A  I have many
spare modules for this except of course for the ones I need

Manuals to Share which I will  scan

pre-production manual for the 5065A but it is much earlier than my
current 5065A  and a  manual for the 117A which

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