[time-nuts] file synchronization via ftp

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Fri Aug 22 22:24:50 EDT 2008

This is for my manuals. The primary storage is the web site, the local hard
drive is the main backup and working copy, and I have a second backup on a
USB drive. I want the same content at all 3 places. I also have a second
backup web site, but I assume this one will just be a slave, updated when

I am aware that at the moment I have a number of files that have slightly
different names between the web site and the local hard drive (spaces
replaced with underscores, filenames prefixed with manufacturer's name and
such). I realize I will have to clean those by hand. I already have a tool
running on the PC that does the bulk of that for me.

I intend to identify duplicates by sorting all files (local and ftp) by
size. The files of same size will be listed next to each other. The full
path will tell me which is which, hopefully the names should not be so
different that I could tell the duplicates, and if the name needs to be

Typically I don't delete anything, but I sometimes move things around.
Hopefully when this is fully stabilized, there won't be much moving, I will
upload new manuals directly where I want them.

I cannot just copy 25 GB of stuff via ftp just to see if anything has

My main concern at the moment is to make sure I don't accidentally delete a
file that would be only at one place.

Hopefully, as my personal situation is finally stabilizing, I should be able
to dedicate more time to this in the near future. Unfortunately, I have
accumulated a bit of backlog lately (hi Abdul :-)

I should develop a procedure, then make sure I have the tools to support it,
and then it should be easy :-)

Didier KO4BB

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> > I would just match filenames and filesize, time stamps 
> don't mean anything.
> That won't catch a lot of edits that fix simple things like typos.
> Or the edit I just made that changed a parameter from 4 to 8.
> Are you trying to use the web site as serious backup storage, 
> or just keep a (small) set of files out there where others 
> can get them?
> If I was trying to keep a mirror on a web site up to date, 
> I'd write a script to copy everything out there and run it 
> whenever I added or updated something.
> That's assuming that you don't delete things.  For deletes, 
> I'd probably do them by hand until I had done enough of them 
> to get annoyed and/or figure out what I wanted to do.
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