[time-nuts] Capacitive temperature sensing

Mike Monett XDE-L2G3 at myamail.com
Sat Aug 23 12:35:00 EDT 2008

  "Mike Monett" <XDE-L2G3 at myamail.com> wrote:


  >  Gentlemen,

  > The problem  is very simple. If the sensor lead that  contacts the
  > mercury has a diameter of 0.010 inch, with a flat end, and  is 100
  > microinches away from the mercury, the capacitance is 0.35 pf.

  Sorry, I  used  a bad formula for the area of a  circle.  The actual
  capacitance is  0.1767 pF, still well within the  capability  of the


  Mike Monett

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