[time-nuts] TBolt question

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Sun Aug 24 11:02:13 EDT 2008

Hi Mike,

Maybe this one is interested to you...150285595219

Rgds Ernie HG5ED

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I missed out on the group buy because I didn't hear
about it until it was over.

I'm looking at the one that fluke is selling on eBay,
version 3.00. Has anyone had any problems with these?

Mike - AA8K

Thomas A. Frank wrote:
>> tvb indicated that the unit builds were from ~2005, and indeed, the
>> photo of the TAPR package on Leapsecond.com shows a TBolt from 2005
>> revision 'E'. The unit I received is build 2002 revision 'B'.
>> Anyone know of differences in the revisions, and whether the OCXO
>> (which Tom found surprisingly excellent) are the same?
> Just to add a little confusion to the mix, mine is marked 5/1/03 Rev A

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