[time-nuts] Re Phil's Fluke Monotronics equipment

Dave M masondg44 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 28 19:55:57 EDT 2008

I'm a new subscriber to this forum.  I saw that you have a manual for the Montronics 103A comparator.  I have one of these and could use a manual for it.  It's a bit flaky with a standard freq of 3 MHz in that the phase meter wanders a *LOT* more than it should when compared with a 1 MHz reference.  Have you scanned the manual yet?  

I also have a Montronics 102 comparator that I don't need.  Don't know if it works or not..  I acquired it a couple years ago with a lot of other stuff...  just haven't bothered to check it out.  Does anyone have a manual for the model 102?  I'd be interested in getting a copy.  I'd like to check it out, fix it if necessary and sell to somebody who needs it.

Dave M
MasonDG44 at comcast dot net  (Just substitute the appropriate characters in the address)

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>Just looked and it's Fluke/Montronics model 103A
>It's a big manual if I recall, about the same size as the 207. I could scan 
>it later but need some block of time on that one.
>If you "need" it, I could perhaps drop it off at a copy shop and let them 
>duplicate it. Most of those manuals had large pull-out schematics.

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