[time-nuts] 10811A versus 10811-60111

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sat Aug 30 18:22:45 EDT 2008

> the FTS specs for their FTS1000A, FTS1200, FTS1002A and FTS1003A name
> short term stabilities for all four oscillators to be 1E-12 @ 1,10,100
> s. I have always believed that these specs are kind of "conservative"
> ones so that your FTS1200 #2 fits them VERY well while FTS1200 #1 barely
> meets the specs.
> Is there any idea on why these two oscillators behave that different?
> Best regards
> Ulrich Bangert 


I've seen this same thing for other high-end oscillators. It might
boil down to the random quality of the individual quartz resonator.
See for example, these dozen "identical" 10811 oscillators:


This is one reason why some of us keep buying old oscillators;
once in a while you run across a real gem, better than all the
others before it. Some old Sulzers and some 10811 are really
amazing; the same is true for many FTS 1000/1200 series.

Hunting surplus stores and eBay for 1e-13 quartz is like this:



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