[time-nuts] Austron 1250B

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Sat Aug 30 18:27:00 EDT 2008

In a message dated 30/08/2008 22:53:17 GMT Daylight Time, cdelect at juno.com  

I am  playing with an Austron 1250B and I'd like to add a fine  frequency

The data sheet I have on the 1150 oscillator  inside indicates that the
EFC input is an option.

Anyone have a  schematic for the 1250B that shows how the 1150 is wired

If no  EFC on this unit I'll be getting rid of it.

Hi Corby
I haven't got any specific information on the 1250B but did upload the  
manual for the 1250 to Didier's site some time ago and it's in his GPS manuals  
As far as I know both the 1250 and 1250A came with front panel fine tuning,  
which uses the EFC input on the oscillator, as standard. It's shown  fitted in 
the 1250 manual and fitted to both my 1250As.
I have seen photos of the 1250B without the fine frequency pot but  would 
suspect the 1150 would be the same in all models.
The 1250 manual shows little information for the 1150 itself but the  overall 
wiring diagram shows the fine control pot being wired to pin 8 on  the 1150, 
as well as some other connections between the 1150 and the PSU.


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