[time-nuts] 5060A question...

wa1zms at att.net wa1zms at att.net
Tue Jan 1 20:08:26 EST 2008


Since I got it working several years ago, my HP-5060A
has a rather loud ~2KHz audible whine coming from it.
It seems to be a result of the switching power supply
in the A20 oven controller module.

Is it worth my efforts to try and "fix" the problem
or have others already found a solution?  The unit
lives in the back storage room to try and keep the
whine from bothering myself and family, but after
all these years it still bothers me.

During my initial repairs to get the unit running
nothing obvious appeared to be microphonic in the
A20 module. The xfms are all potted in epoxy.

Do other 5060 owners have the same symptoms?

-Brian, WA1ZMS

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