[time-nuts] VP oncore question

Morris Odell vilgotch at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jan 2 16:36:35 EST 2008

Randy Warner wrote:
> Morris,
> The easiest thing is to connect a jumper from Pin 1 of the 10-pin header 
> to
> one of the holes used to previously mount the battery. I would suggest
> putting a resistor (1-4.7K is fine) and diode in the middle of this wire 
> to
> limit current in case of any mistakes and prevent any possibility of the
> onboard charger from damaging your external battery. A couple of standard
> alkaline AAA cells will keep the VP backed up for MANY years.


Thanks very much for this info. It confirms what I thought but it's nice to 
hear it from an expert!

Happy New Year,


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