[time-nuts] 35601A as stand-in for 11848A ?

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Sun Jan 6 22:35:54 EST 2008

In a message dated 1/6/2008 15:01:25 Pacific Standard Time, jmiles at pop.net  

>85671A package or mine, how _exactly_ are you turning the dBc/Hz  values you
>get from (say) the 8561E into your ~-120 dBc/Hz  numbers?  Let's hear the
>step-by-step procedure on that, and the  problem should reveal itself.
Hi John,
by selecting a 1Hz RBW on the 8561E. The APII analyzer should have a 1Hz  BW 
normalization as well, although I checked in the user manual again and it  
just specifies "dbm" without regards to RBW. How does one calculate RBW from an  
FFT? Is it the width of a given FFT bin? I will check this again, and try to  
increase the number of samples.
But even with say a 10Hz RBW I would expect the noisefloor to only rise  
10xlog(1/BW) or 10dB, much less error than what I am seeing.

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