[time-nuts] HP10811 problem - wrong frequency

philipp80 at gmx.de philipp80 at gmx.de
Sun Jan 13 13:59:45 EST 2008

Jim Miller schrieb:
>> i have a problem with my HP10811 ocxo. I connected it properly to 24V, 12V 
>> and to my counter to measure its frequency. The measured frequency is 10.887 
>> MHz, but it should be 10MHz (also noted on the 10811). A 5MHz tcxo is 
>> measured correctly, so i think the counter is okay. Can anyone help me ?
> There is a thermal fuse on the oven control board which sometimes
> blows due to age, or it vibrates out, or otherwise fails.  This causes
> the oven to not operate and the unit is guaranteed to be off frequency
> by a large amount.
> Take the bottom off the unit and you'll see the board and the fuse.
> It looks like a large axial capacitor.  
> A little searching on the Internet should find you the schematics and
> manuals and descriptions of the identical problem that others have
> had.

Hello Jim,

thanks for your remarks, but i dont think that the oven fails. The power 
consumtion is about 3W and the unit is gettuing warm on the outside. I guess 
this is okay ?

philipp80 at gmx.de

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