[time-nuts] RFTG-m-RB

James R. Gorr n3toy at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 19 16:27:13 EST 2008

My scope was set for 2 volts / div, terminated right
in to the scope.  Arguably not the best way to view

Here is another photo, terminated with 50 Ohms and
amplitude set at 1 volt per division.  I guess it
looks a lot cleaner.  Not sure what the impedance is
supposed to be.

I always assumed frequency references should be sine
waves.  If that is not the case, I guess I can use
this for a reference for other equipment?  And if a
square wave is just fine, could I use a clock-block to
divide the 15 MHz of the XO down to 10 MHz?  If not,
what other alternatives are there to get 10 MHz out
the the 15 MHz?  I have seen discussion on the
reflector about this, I will go back and search for
any circuits someone might have posted.

Sorry to unload so many questions!

Thanks! --Jamie

--- Rob Kimberley <rk at timing-consultants.com> wrote:

> James,
> Not played with one of these units, but looks like a
> very useable 10 MHz
> square wave. What impedance are you terminating
> with? What is the amplitude
> scale on the 'scope?
> Rob Kimberley 
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> Attached is a photo of the output of my RFTG-m-RB J2
> (10 MHz REF OUT).  Is
> this the expected shape?  J4 (15 MHz OUT) is a nice
> clean sine wave.  Can I
> safely use this 10 MHz signal as a reference for
> other gear that takes a 10
> MHz input?
> Thanks in advance!
> Jamie
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