[time-nuts] phase noise questions

Don Collie donmer at woosh.co.nz
Tue Jan 22 23:04:32 EST 2008

Hi Steve!,
    I know this is off topic, but I would be facinated to know why you are 
called "Steve the knife" [Please don`t tell me if it is anything
Yours in extremely low noise,................Don.

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> Hello,
> I followed with some interest a discussion about a NIST doubler circuit
> using matched FET's and I was wondering if you could get similar results
> using an analog multiplier chip from Analog Devices. It would seem that
> they take some care about device matching and have parts that work up
> to pretty high frequencies. Of course there would need to be some 
> filtering
> employed. Oh, and I think those parts do pretty well with temperature.
> Also, when using a doubler that is rated in dBc how do you apply that
> number to get an expectation from a given starting dBc oscillator. So
> if my 10 MHz clock is -125dBc and I use the NIST circuit, what would
> I see at 20 MHz in dBc?
> thanks in advance,
> steve
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