[time-nuts] Spec An for phase noise measurements

Matt Ettus boyscout at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 19:40:51 EST 2008

> Sure, send me the GPIB .PDF, either via Didier's site, ftp.ko4bb.com, user
> manuals, password manuals) or via my GMail account at jmiles at gmail.com.  It
> looks like a great spectrum analyzer considering the prices they seem to
> fetch on eBay.  Should be a nice upgrade from the 8596E, all right.

Great!  I sent the manuals to your email account.  Loks like
everything GPIB is in chapter 5 of volume 1.

> The only requirement is that I need to be able to count on you to test the
> code *carefully*.  This can be a trying process, because PN.EXE has to carry
> out a lot of interaction with the spectrum analyzer, and it's tough to write
> code for one that isn't sitting on my workbench.

I can do that.

> The ideal scenario is one where I have a remote-desktop account on a WinXP
> box at your end,

I can look into doing that, but I've never tried it before.  I'm a
Linux guy, so point me in the direction you need...

> with an NI or Prologix board connected to the R3267.  That
> takes you out of my edit-compile-test loop. :)  That's not vital, but it
> really helps speed things up.

I've got it hooked up on an NI GPIB-USB-B adapter.


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