[time-nuts] 20logN was Re: phase noise questions (long)

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Thu Jan 24 08:07:29 EST 2008

Christophe Huygens said the following on 01/24/2008 04:55 AM:

> Another unrelated topic, I seem to get emails from time-nuts only
> sporadically, and with sender time-nuts-bounces. However I
> don t have any bounce status... Does anybody else see this
> phenomenon. It is a bit irritating to have to go to the archive
> page to read up.

time-nuts-bounces is the sender for all messages on the list, so that's
not an issue.  If you're only getting messages sporadically, I'd check
your mail system and especially its spam trap; I haven't had any reports
of problems.

The list system (Mailman) does have fairly sophisticated bounce
detection and removal algorithms, and if too many messages from a
subscriber bounce, they will be automatically unsubscribed.  But short
of unsubscription, there's nothing other than normal mail system issues
that would cause some messages not to make it to an individual subscriber.


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