[time-nuts] Measuring Rubidium frequencies

Adrian rfnuts at arcor.de
Fri Jun 6 13:10:18 EDT 2008


it might be much easier than you're thinking...

Are you sure the GPDSO's are locked?
Are you sure the rubidium oscillators are locked?
What is the reading of your GPDSO's when you measure them with the 
internal counter time base?

I would say that neither 0.00001722 nor 0.00000000 can be correct for a 
10.000,000 MHz signal.
Something with your figures appears to be dead wrong, IMO.


Jim Robbins schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I have a problem which I am unable to understand and need some help.  I have two M100 Rubidiums, a Racal 1992 counter, a factory standard T'Bolt and a Symmetricom Starloc II.  When I set up either GPSDO as the External Timebase for the 1992 and measure either Rubidium, I get the same reading of 9.99998278.  When I use the 1992's Internal Timebase, I get 9.99999995.  All equipment has warmed up.  The antenna is a Symmetricom HP 58532A on the roof.     On a few occasions I have seen the frequency drift up to 0.00001722.  I would have expected that both Rubies would have read 0.00000000.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.
> many thanks,
> Jim Robbins
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