[time-nuts] WTB: Oscilloquartz 8607, 8600 or similar OCXO

Andreas Tschammer asensio at datelsoft.de
Sat Jun 7 17:26:29 EDT 2008


I am looking for a high quality reference oscillator (5 MHz or 10 MHz) for a stability tester.
No success until now on _bay, so I try my luck here..

I intend to copy the system described in http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/ptti/ptti2002/paper32.pdf
for one measurement channel. I was able to buy a 6160B synthesizer at  _bay for a good price for
the offset generation. After some extended repair sessions on this one I did a test of the phase stability
of the synthesizer by mixing the 5 MHz reference signal with the 5 MHz output of the synth. After determination
of the phase sensitivity of the mixer close to 90 deg phase shift I collected 10000 s of phase data with
a Schlumberger 7150plus. The 1s Allan Deviation is 1E-13 and the 1000s 4E-15 (calculated with Ulrich' s fine plotter
utility) which seems to be quite promising. The cabling and the ceramic coupling capacitors are pretty sensitive to temperature
changes in this quick and dirty setup.

Andreas, DL2KCL

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