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Sun Jun 8 14:35:12 EDT 2008

Hi Norm,
yes, making small boards is fun and very relaxing. We have all sorts  of 
thermometers, clocks, amps, dividers, etc around the house from the  days when I 
had spare time on my hands.
For the tweezers, I usually use the thinnest tips I can get, and bent ones  
for easy access under the microscope. For example image "K" on the mouser  
webpage are the type I prefer for work under the microscope:
Mine don't have the handle insulation though.
It's important to get good quality tweezers so they don't bend easily and  so 
they are not affected by the solder.
I definitely prefer a tip that is much smaller than the part I am trying to  
hold, otherwise it's hard to see what you are doing.
One more comment: I used to have 15x microscope eyepieces on my Leica GZ6E  
scope, but I found it is much easier to work with 10x Eyepieces.  Small things 
like this make quite a difference.
Hope this helps,
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normn3ykf at stny.rr.com writes:

Your explanation is very clear.
One last question.
What  kind of tweezers do you use? What size tip, and are the jaws  

All of the ones that are on my bench have been  subjected to major abuse.

This is a non starter without the proper hand  tools. Everything else 
I've got.

I'm a railroad engineer, not an  electrical one. This stuff is a great 
way to relax.
Thanks for your  time.

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