[time-nuts] Measurement of Rubidiums

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue Jun 10 00:18:27 EDT 2008

>     Sorry that my contribution to the group is to reveal that you
> probably can't use GPS if you live in a hole in the woods!  I've
> played with the geometry and I'd need a very tall tower to get the
> angles all down to 7 degrees or less.  I am discourged, to say the
> least.  Anyone got any other ideas besides going back to Loran? 

I think you might be a bit a bit pessimistic.

Modern GPS receivers work a lot better than older ones.  (There is probably a 
corollary to Moore's law of x dB per year.)

What are you using for cable between your antenna and receiver?  Have you 
tried shorter cables, either with the antenna nearer the receiver or with the 
receiver up nearer the antenna?

I'm not sure how your trees compare to my roof.  I get just-barely reception 
inside my house.  It's one story with stucco walls.  Older GPS units don't 
work unless they are positioned up on top of the windows.  Newer ones work 
down on the floor, but they take a long time to get locked.

Do you have a hand held GPS unit?  Or can you borrow one from a friend?  How 
well does it work?  ...

I have an old one.  It works fine outside when I'm not under trees.  It 
doesn't get off the ground inside.

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