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Stanley, I have the manual for the 2100 (with no suffix), if there is 
anything specific from that you need. 
Yes, would like to know about the phase corrected outputs, any specs, are they close to the accuracy of the Loran signal it's self ?
> the chart output looks like it outputs a voltage between 0-15 volts at the start with it tending toward the millivolts volts as it continues
In my 2100 the "Phase Record" output at the rear outputs from 0 to 1 
Volt representing an accumulated phase shift of 1 or 10 µsecs at full 
scale.  This sounds unlike yours.
Not sure yet as it is stable at .5xx volts now it maybe the same as yours but mine has a problem ? My location Birmingham Al is not close to any station and I may have interference in my neighborhood. I 'm using the 7980 chain now but have received the great lakes chain before. The Grangeville LA station is the strongest here.
It may help to connect a scope and look at my signals.


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