[time-nuts] Finally acquired a 5370B

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Wed Jun 11 22:03:02 EDT 2008


I have two 5370A counters, and both were afflicted by the "cheap socket"

After a year or so of intermittent operation (in spite of frequent removing
and reseating of the parts and application of Deoxit Gold), I took the two
boards with most of the sockets (processor board and memory board) to work
(where we have good desoldering equipment), desoldered all the sockets and
replaced them with good quality machined pin sockets from Mouser and all has
been now good for several months.

I am not sure if the 5370B has the same cheap sockets, but at the first
symptom (usually the counter does not power up normally, the display is all
mangled), I recommend to just go ahead and replace them. With the right
tools, it's no big deal. It took about one lunch hour for each. 

Didier KO4BB

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> Hi all,
> Well getting a second hand 5370B will be no big deal for 
> those of you in the US, but in Australia getting one of these 
> units is very expensive due to rare local availability and 
> cost of postage from the US. I was recently quoted US$350 - 
> more than the unit itself cost!
> However after patiently waiting two years I recently won an 
> auction at a decent price and the postage was a very 
> "reasonable" US$170.
> Now whilst waiting for it to arrive I've downloaded the full 
> manual and read up as much as I can without having the 
> ability to play with the unit yet.
> However, what I'm after is any hints, tricks or gotchas I 
> need to watch out for. The unit looks like it will be in good 
> order (ebay id 300229475698) but any guidance or advice would 
> be much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Jim
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