[time-nuts] Thunderbolt PS

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Fri Jun 13 01:39:47 EDT 2008

> I have a ThunderBolt GPS from a different source than TAPER.
> Can someone tell me where I can get a TAPER like power supply
> for my thunderbolt. I have checked Allelectronics without
> success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Bruce W1GBS

> Thanks all who responded to my inquiry about a Thunderbolt PS.
> I contacted TAPR and they said that they got their Thunderbolts and PS in 
> pairs from Tom and could not supply only a PS. I don't know who Tom is !
> Bruce W1GBS

Hi Bruce,

I'm the Tom who arranged the TBolt group buy. Along with the
quantity buy of Thunderbolts, after some experimentation and
comparing prices, I chose power supplies from All Electronics
(their model PS-23). They had a large quantity at one time but
we cleaned them out of all stock for that cheap item in order to
bundle a suitable power supply with each Thunderbolt receiver.

So that's why All Electronics no longer has that item. If we had
extras or a solid supplier, then TAPR could sell them individually.
If All Electronics had more of these cheap surplus PS I would
have bought them. I hope that clears up the mystery.

We've shipped some TBolt's already (mostly pre-orders from
last year); TAPR is gathering tested stock now and you'll hear
soon in time-nuts when that door opens.

For some other power supply options see example ideas here:

The +5 and +12 and -12 volt requirements are very standard so
it should be little problem finding something new or used that will
work. Note also there's nothing wrong with using two or even 3
separate supplies (with common ground).


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