[time-nuts] New member, and HP 5061A question

wje wje at quackers.net
Mon Jun 16 19:54:29 EDT 2008

Although I've scanned the list fairly regularly, I haven't been subscribed.
I finally decided to rectify that.

I have Z3801 as my workhorse reference. I built a little adapter for it 
to provide time and 1pps data to NTP running on my Linux system and a 
buffered 10 Mhz feed to my lab for a reference signal.
I have a number of FRK, FRS, and FE-5680A rubidium oscillators doing 
various things.
My new prize is a 5061A with a fairly new high-output tube. (It was sold 
as non-working; all it needed was for the ion pump to run for a while. 
Lucky me!)

Time isn't all that I'm precise about; I maintain a pair of Datron 4910 
voltage standards that I pay an absurd amount to Fluke to calibrate 
every once and a while.
I have a collection of 7 digit laboratory voltmeters,  a Solartron 7081 
8 digit meter, A Fluke 343 voltage calibrator (these are also great 
calibrators, and cheap, too),
a Fluke 5400 AC calibrator, a Ballantine 1605A precision AC calibrator, 
a pair of HP 5370's ( a true miracle of engineering - after lots of 
tedious fiddling, one of them reports 11 ps of internal jitter), and a 
bunch of other meters, standards, etc.

Which finally leads to my question - does anyone have any info on the HP 
10638A degausser for my 5061A? What I'm looking for is an idea of what 
current and frequency profile is used for degaussing. These units seem 
to be hard to come by, at least for any reasonable price.

Actually, one more question - is there any way to search the list 
archives? Either I'm blind, or there's not, or it's not obvious.


Bill Ezell
They said 'Windows or better'
so I used Linux.

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