[time-nuts] EZGPIB and Racal-Dana 1992 Counter

ed ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Wed Jun 18 12:35:29 EDT 2008

Hello everyone
My name is Ed
I'm a time-nut.
My problem started simply enough, my PC wouldn't keep accurate time even 
though it was set to update via the net.  I started investigating that 
and suddenly whipped through NTP, Quartz, Rubidium, Allen variance, 1 
PPS, and GPSDO!  I jammed on the brakes before I hit Cesium or Hydrogen. 
  I'm okay.  I can control this thing.....I think.

Today I'm looking for some help using EZGPIB and a National Instruments 
GPIB+ controller to program my Racal-Dana 1992 counter.  I can send 
commands to the counter, and read the status byte, but when I try to 
read data I get a timeout error.  NI Spy confirms the timeout, but shows 
that there's good data in the buffer.

Ulrich (author of EZGPIB) has made some suggestions involving EOI 
(apparently not supported on the 1992) and controller settings like 
'Terminate Read on EOS'.  Unfortunately nothing has helped.

So before Ulrich spends any more time and effort solving my problem, I 
thought I'd ask here.  Has anyone successfully used EZGPIB and a 
National Instruments controller to control a Racal-Dana 1991 or 1992 
counter?  What is the trick?


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