[time-nuts] FTS-4060M/S24

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 20 07:12:31 EDT 2008

Hello Bjorn,

My OCXO is marked: Model 2000A  Serial Number 311.  No freq is given.  It is almost certainly 10 MHz.

The oscillator does have that weird D-SUB+coax on it.  The PCB on the module wires it to a DB9 connector with the Dataum 1000 OCXO.  Measured voltages were around 15V and 26V.  When I had the module out I did not trace the wiring back to the OCXO.  I am pretty sure that it uses the at lease on of the other pins as the oven monitor signal as the DB9 had around 6V on the oven monitor pin  (but mayby not since my oven reading is always around 5V on the 4060M meter).


BTW,  the unit drifted 20 nS from GPS last night (2.3E-13).  I think that I was getting much better numbers when I had the OCXO on a 10 foot RS-232 cord as an signal extender when I was centering it...
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