[time-nuts] FTS-4060M/S24 ROM

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 21 09:24:11 EDT 2008

Hello Magnus and Chuck,

The FTS-4060 is a steam driven machine from the last millenium.  I don't think it has a DDS chip.

Everything appears to be working and the physics package seem to be locked on freq when I set it  up manually.  The problem is the auto-align function does not work.  The routine seems to start up (the beam current jumps up like when the MOD switch is turned off,  but then nothing else happens.   It should scan the control voltage and find the peaks.  I know the DAC is working since I can twiddle the control voltage and beam current manually.  Since the ALIGN routine never completes, I never get the official LOCK light.  All the other controls and monitors seem to work fine,  so I suspect the rest of the CPU card is OK.  The EPROM is 20 years old an probably has Bitzheimers disease.

And yes indeed Chuck, the EPROM is firmly soldered into a socket which is firmly soldered to the CPU board...   Luckily I have some very nice vacuum desoldering equipment and a full blown Data I/O Unisite device programmer so changing the ROM should be no problem.  I just need an image from a known good EPROM,  an EPROM chip, or a CPU board... probably from an earlier serial number machine would be best since mine is S/N 255 and the EPROM says Rev -

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