[time-nuts] TAPR now open for Thunderbolt orders

David Ackrill dave.g0dja at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jun 21 14:00:56 EDT 2008

John Ackermann N8UR wrote:
> Hello!
> We're happy to announce that TAPR is now accepting orders from time-nuts
> subscribers for the Trimble Thunderbolt GPSDO units.

Great news. :-)

Thank you to all that have made this possible, I've just placed my order.

I intend to use it to lock any future microwave transceivers to the 
10MHz output, in order to make sure they are on frequency.  I only wish 
my TS2000X had facilities to allow the same.  LOL

I may also see if I can lock things like my PC clocks to it, instead of 
using the internet time keepers for times when I'm not able to have 
access to the internet, like being out in the car and, what Radio 
Amateurs call 'Portable'...

Dave (G0DJA)

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