[time-nuts] EZGPIB and Racal-Dana 1992 Counter

ed ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sat Jun 21 16:02:20 EDT 2008

Although I've already thanked him privately, I'd like to publicly thank 
Ulrich for his quick solution to this problem.  It's very nice (and, in 
my experience, unusual) to find this level of support in _any_ program - 
whether freeware or commercial.

We're lucky to have someone like Ulrich as a fellow Time-Nut!


> Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 09:23:25 +0200
> From: "Ulrich Bangert" <df6jb at ulrich-bangert.de>
> Subject: Re: [time-nuts] EZGPIB and Racal-Dana 1992 Counter
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> Ed,
> to my own pleasure this problem has been solved completely! 
> As it turned out the situation is: No matter what EOS settings you may
> otherwise have made using the ibConfig function or the ibEOS function,
> the GPIB32.DLL's "receive" function (that i use for reasons beyond this
> discussion) will need to be told explicitely to use EITHER the EOI line
> OR (exclusive or!) a certain EOS char.
> I set the default now to using a EOS char of 0x0A (line feed) and
> everythings works ok. I included two new procedures to enable/disable
> the use of EOS and to set the EOS char. I am sure that this will cure
> your problem.
> BTW: The 1992 counter is now the first instrument that I get acquainted
> with that does not serve the EOI line or can be told to do so. Their
> "bigger brother" 1996 can, at least mine.
> The new version of EZGPIB can be downloaded from the usual place.
> Best regards
> Ulrich Bangert   
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