[time-nuts] TBolt UK import

David Ackrill dave.g0dja at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jun 22 10:21:03 EDT 2008

Roy Phillips wrote:
> Phil
> Thanks for the information on importing a Thunderbolt into the UK. I hope 
> you are correct regarding the final imported price because it is usually the 
> case that to bring an item into the UK makes the end price in £ sterling the 
> equal to  the US $ price in US $ !?
> Best regards
> Roy Phillips

That was one of the reasons I stopped trying to be helpful and do group 
orders...  Some people would not accept the oncosts, even though I told 
everyone that I would split the post/packaging and import duties 
equally.  Some people thought I was doing the import as a business, 
rather than as a helpful individual, and would repeatedly phone up at 
various times of the day and night asking why their unit had not arrived 
(we were all waiting for delivery of course!!!) and then wanted to know 
why the costs were nearly the same in £ as the original price in $ was.

In the end, after a couple of such experiences, I said I would only 
bring in what I wanted.  That was a shame for those that were patient 
and didn't think I was trying to make a profit (in fact, I usually made 
a slight loss, as I tended to round everyone elses on-costs down!) and 
it just wasn't worth the hassle in the end.


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