[time-nuts] NTPD & PPS on OpenSolaris

Magne Mæhre magne at samfundet.no
Mon Jun 23 06:29:14 EDT 2008

Matthew Smith wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Does anyone know the current status of NTPD with NMEA & PPS drivers on 
> OpenSolaris?

Disclaimer:  I work for Sun Microsystems, and may be biased...

OpenSolaris is still running with NTP version 3, but v.4 is enroute.
All the standard clock drivers should be working (I've only used
NMEA and PPS myself, with success).

I'll check with the integration team and see if I can get a schedule
for the v.4 code...  The porting and the new kernel support code has
been ready for quite some time.

> After much hmm-ing and hah-ing, I have decided that my new office server 
> will be running this OS.  Now I need to work out whether it will be my 
> time server or whether an additional lightweight BSD (where I know 
> everything should work) box will be doing the job.

My primary has been running OpenSolaris for a couple of years now ..

--Magne  / LA1BFA

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